Ana Lefebvre is in The Arrangement

Ana Lefebvre has been casted as Carrie in The Arrangement.

Lefebvre will play Carrie, who is a receptionist in the movie.  

Summary of The Arrangement 

“Jordana comes home after 2 year internship in Israel to find that her parents Efron and Etel have betrothed her to be immediately married to a wealthy businessman. Due to quick thinking and the help of Jessie, her best friend from college, she’s able to escape the impending throws of marital servitude to a complete stranger. Jordana starts living a new life under the assumed name of Adrianna Smith. Once Jordana is settled in she decides to volunteer at the local Jewish Museum where she meets and hopelessly falls in love with Amanda, the beautifully sophisticated museum curator. As Jordana and Amanda’s love flourishes, it’s only a matter of time before Efron and Etel discover their daughter’s whereabouts. As Jordana is about to reveal her true identity to Amanda, her parents arrive just in time to exasperate the situation. However, love heals all wounds and rights Jordana’s relationship with her parents. It also pings at the heart strings that pull Amanda and Jordana together.”

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